Monday, 8 December 2014

Is Tomson Highways's The Rez Sisters worth studying?

Recently we read Tomson Highway's play The Rez Sisters.  The question is whether or not this play is worthy of study. I believe that it is definitely worthy of study. For some background information that story follows a group of women living on a First Nations reserve.

The Rez Sisters has a engaging story about six First nations women heading to the biggest bingo in the world. the trials and barriers that the women overcome to get to this bingo is what really makes this story so interesting. The fully developed characters and unique message, along with many symbols and literary devices to develop any assignments that a person could think of. Furthermore, the use of very own to earth characters gives the play a very relatable side and the  difficulties that the women over come are similar to what many people will go through in their lives.  

Overall I think this this play is definitely worth studying because of the developed characters and the strong message. Also it is a nice change from the usual thinks that we read due to the relatable characters.

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