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Women in Advertisements: Shown in the Wrong Ways

By the usage of women in advertisements it changes the way people think of women because they are shown in a sexist or degrading way, by using a perfect body women or a stereotypical advertising of them it affects the innocence of women, it’s to help the consumers of the products more appealing to it or to make them see woman in a lower comparison to men. These four advertisements demonstrates that the portrayal of some advertisements have a negative effect on women. I used the attitude, symbolism, and the idea of how woman are compared to men to further prove this.
This image of a woman in an advertisement is of a Alcoa Aluminum brand that would be found on “most famous and flavorful brands”. By looking at the advertisement you can see that it is portraying a woman being so amazed at this product and then at the bottom it reads “You mean a woman can open it?”. By the saying of that it is trying to say that women are the weaker sex because you can notice that they don’t mention both male and female not being able to open it. Also by the amazed expression on her face its proving that this women is actually in amazement that there is finally a cap that she is able to open, which is a very false accusation, women are capable of opening other products and both men and women can have a struggle on them sometimes. In this image they have also underlined the word ‘woman’ to try to make sure that woman know that they are actually able to open these products now, which is very insulting thing to do because they have now single out the woman.  When i also read the advertisement i picked out a sentence that proved of the negative effect on woman, it says ‘without a knife, blade, a bottle opener or even a husband!” by saying or even a husband it's implying that women are always reliant on their husbands to open things for them once again trying to say women are suppose to be the weaker sex. Overall the idea of this advertisements image is trying to make women look as if they are too weak to open a bottle cap making this sexist and degrading against women.
Budweiser Beer Girl.jpgdownload (1).jpg
In the Budweiser advertisement and the Original Red beer advertisement shown, both depict the images of woman, one against a beer bottle and the other actually objectified as the beer bottle, the Budweiser has a girl in a revealing bathing suit and the original red beer has a woman in the hands of what i think is a man. These features are both helping the product to attract attention because of the use of the woman. The way these advertisements are setup makes it seem like these women are being 'sold' along with the product. The attitude of the Budweiser women supports the idea of a negative portrayal because the way she is put in the advertisement makes her vulnerable and with less decency and by the finishing of the brands letters on her makes her seem like she is the bottle. The body of the woman in the Original Red beer advertisement has actually made the woman now the bottle to show that having this beer is like being able to have a woman and  it shows that she is what is also being consumed because she is now part of the bottle. The idea behind these two advertisements is to use the woman and make them part of the beer so that the men will be attracted to it because of the way the woman are put into the advertisement.
isu image 2.jpg
This next advertisement is of the product the Kenwood Chef. The Kenwood Chef is a type of mixer made for mixing foods. In this advertisement there is a man and a woman could be symbolizing as a husband and wife, then to the left of them is the words “The Chef does everything but cook - that's what wives are for”. That statement is trying to say that this product may be a helpful product for cooking but it doesn't cook because that's the stereotypical role that has been set on woman that they are suppose to be the ones cooking. Not only is that statement very sexist but the fact that its trying to say that the husband and neither the mixer cook because that's the wife's job is proving that its making the woman seem like that's what people see them as doing, like they are the ones to cook even though men are capable of cooking. Another part of the advertisement that proves how woman are being shown into advertising is the slogan in the corner that says “I’m giving my wife a Kenwood Chef”. This slogan is implying that this is a product for woman, its something a husband would give to their wife because they only seem to mention the woman when they’re talking about cooking. Overall although there are men that are amazing cooks, this advertising is focusing more on the woman being cooks but in sort of an insulting way as if men aren't capable of getting this mixer because woman are the cooks.
This next image of a Dr.Pepper TEN advertising shown is portraying the drink and a phrase that says “It’s not for women”. This advertisement is of a drink that anyone should be able to drink there's nothing that serious about drinking a can of Dr.Pepper but because of the bold new only ten tasting calories it's now apparently become too much for women to handle. This stereotype of women being the weaker gender is also portrayed in this advertising. This drink is also a recent type of drink yet the stereotype of women being weak is still being used even though its been demonstrated in ads from a long time ago. The idea of women not being worthy enough to drink this Dr.Pepper is sending a very negative message to females, and it’s very wrong.

The stereotypes and sexist degrading images of these advertisements all have a negative effect towards females, some of them are actually influencing females to try and be like how these other females in the advertisements look. When in reality everyone is different and no one should try and act or look like someone they are not.

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Addiction to electronics

Image 1
"Cell Phone Addiction." Mirolta. Minesh Rai, 8 July 2013. Web. 25 Nov. 2014.
    cell-phone-addicted-teen.jpg>. This picture provides my blog with the
    realization that the more technology progresses the more we depend on it
    and the more kids younger and younger are only being taught from
    electronics. It shows we rely on technology to grow and succeed.

There are two types of electronics in this image; people can’t just have one electronic item which is very true in this time and age. Say if you were to get a desktop computer and at that time it was the best thing out there, but then a couple months later they came out with a laptop that is 10x faster than your desktop. You would go and buy it only for the reasons it’s faster, everyone will have it, and you believe it’s better because it’s the newest thing. Well now you have a desktop and a laptop;  why do you really need two electronics that do the same thing just in a different way? But now look at how the baby is holding the cell phone as if it is drinking from a bottle. This is showing that we rely on these objects as though we need them to survive in life, just like a baby needs food. We all technically “feed” off of this inanimate object as though it is a life source because we are unable to see that we should not have to rely on it as though it is the all powerful thing that controls what we do. .I believe the creator of this image was trying to get across that we rely on these thing way too often and we really don’t need them to get through the day. When would you ever really see a baby with a cell phone? It’s just not realistic. But at the same time it is because people now compared to people back when cellphones were first invented have so much more going on, on, their phone. Just think right now for a few minutes how many apps do you have on your phone? How long could you really go without it? Are the uses you use it for all necessary? How often would you say you pick it up in 30 minutes? The overall message this is getting across to people is that you should look at how reliant you are on one object that has taken over your life, and basically you need your cellphone and other electronics to survive in todays society. People would rather just sit their kids down in front of the tv or give them an ipad for a couple hours while the parents themselves have time to check their own phones and update their statuses to “OMG my kids are driving me insane” instead of taking them out for a walk to the park and play with friends. Also the light rays coming off of the cell phone make it like it is the almighty power that runs all life on this planet. If we did not have a cellphone or they were never invented we would be lost and mindless people just roaming the earth and not going anywhere in life.

Image 2
Parenting Jurnals. Parenting Journals, 2007. Web. 5 Dec. 2014.
    <>. People know that driving
    and texting is illegal and dangerous but yet they still do it because they
    have the feeling they need to answer right away

This woman is texting on her cellphone while she is in a moving vehicle and she is not even paying attention to where she’s going on the road; which isn't important at all but replying to her friend she’s probably going to see in like 15 minutes is. It’s basically saying your life and others lives are less important than replying to a text you could reply to in a little while. It’s illegal, dangerous, and a risk for you and everyone else driving on the same road and she still proceeds to answer the text message even though she knows it’s wrong. I believe the message that this picture is trying to get across is that people are so addicted to the phone that they can’t just wait until they are in a safe environment and respond to their text then; they just have the urge to answer right away and see what’s on their phone. The picture is taken from a behind view which makes the cellphone in her hands stand out also it makes the steering wheel stand out like it’s a huge message she is driving and texting at the same time. It’s not a safe act to do especially when you are in a moving vehicle you are not only putting yourself in danger but you are also putting other in danger as well. This picture connects with the first because they both show very close similarities. The first picture shows the baby not being able to live without the phone as if it is the life source for the baby, and this picture shows the woman being so addicted to her phone that she can’t just wait to text back after she is done driving. My image 2 supports the overall message because they are saying the same thing just in two different time periods in life. The baby needs it for survival and the woman needs it to ease her urge to answer the text back, she can’t leave it alone just like she is thriving off of it. People just can not live without their phone in their hand and it is sad that they are willing to put their lives in danger to answer a text message; people are too addicted to electronics.

Image 3
Cyberbullying.jpg Adam Hecht, 28 Oct. 20014. Web. 9 Dec. 2014.
    <>. A girl
    is being cyber bullied over text and the girls in the back are the bullies

The girl in the front of the picture is upset or hurt by something; she is holding her phone right in front of her like she just read something she did not want to. There are two girls that are fuzzy in the back and they are looking toward the girl in the front with their phone in their hands; they are smiling like they just did something they think is funny. The girl in the front has been messaged something from the girls in the background and it was something that was not nice and it’s made the girl upset: she is alone and the girls in the back are together and are smirking. Cell phones are not just used for finding the newest hip song or where the closest starbucks is: teenagers use their phones as a lifeline for their existence and it’s really sad how they thrive off of it in this generation. This girl is being bullied by these other two girls in the back; the girls are laughing like its a joke. The main message this is sending is that people don’t understand how often things like this occur in a normal teenagers life: the thing is these girls are not thinking about what they are really doing to this girl, they can be charged for what they are starting to do to her. Cell Phones create this fake world that a huge amount of people live in and they are cautious of what they are sending off it. The two girls in the back laughing at what they have sent to the girl by her self creates a very tense and uncomfortable feeling that is happening to this girl. I think the person who took this photo got his/her point across for the message because it is obvious it’s a bullying message and it is made very clear that she is in this position by the way the photo was taken and the theme of black and white, the two girls in the back laughing and overpowering the one girl in the front. She is very clear to the camera and the girls in the back are all blurred out. All three of these images all share one main similarity and that is how they show that electronics are bad and can hurt people and mess up life sometimes; believing it is our life source, texting while driving, and cyber bullying. A couple differences is that they come at this point from different angles, and they all convince this thesis is correct. I believe that this world would have been better off without electronics ever being invented and we never know what a life without them would be like but it could have been a lot healthier and safer without them. Electronics should not have been invented.

Image 4
Daily Mobile. Mas media, July 2011. Web. 6 Jan. 2015.
    85281-technology-addiction.html>. The bot is hypnotized by the
    electrons, like he is under a spell they have and they are singing and
    dancing around taunting him  

The boy sitting in the middle is all tied up and is being danced around by the electronics. His eyes look like they have hypnotize in a trance as if put under a spell by the electronics and can’t get out of it. As well as all the electronics have a sort of evil look on their face like they plan to suck humans into a world controlled by them. I believe the idea of this image is to show that people sometime don’t even rule themselves any more that the electronics they own rule their life for them. We can’t control that the electronics are getting out of hand in this society. It shows this by the guys eyes in the photo and how he looks to be hypnotised; the electronics have evil looks on their faces. The overall message to this picture is that electronics can be so addicting it takes over our lives and we don’t even realize it: just look around the room right now, how many electronics do you see. We don’t need these things in life; you will say no we do and I know you will but you have never lived a life without them so how would know if life would have been better? You don’t. All these electronics have surrounded this guy tied him up and are either playing music/singing around him while they have him tied up. This just shows us that they are becoming over taking with our lives. All four of these images show that people basically strive for their phones; some in different ways. They also show how people have become so addicted to this fake world almost that they don’t care about their safety or other peoples hurting. Electronics are becoming overwhelmingly addicting to some people that sometime we don’t realise there is more to life than being updated with the latest status on facebook or posting a picture on instagram to get a bunch of likes. Electronics should not have been invented, people use them for the wrong reasons and get away with sometime so they will do it again.

Big Risk - Little Outcome

Big Risk - Little Outcome

In my years of surfing the internet, I have come across images that just make you think, “How did they manage to take that?” Or, “Would they really risk their life for one photo?” It’s almost unbelievable how high standards are for quality pictures nowadays, whether it be for a minor scientific bragging right or a few likes on Facebook. Nevertheless, people come in almost arms-length from death to capture these breath-taking photos.

"Elephant's Foot." 
Rare Historical Photos. RHP, n.d. Web. 2 July 2014. 
The image you see above is hundreds of tonnes of radioactive corium clumped up at the bottom of the Chernobyl power-plant (commonly known as the Elephant’s Foot). It was said to have burned through the concrete floors and make its way to the basement of the structure shortly after the power-plant disaster in 1986. it went on to form an extreme radioactive hazard to anyone within eyesight of it Even just 30 seconds of exposure with the Elephant’s Foot will lead to dizziness and fatigue for weeks. Someone exposed for 300 seconds will have 2 days to live. Although this photo received a medium level of attention, do you really think it's worth the possible risks

Chernobyl glowing
"Elephant's Foot." Nautil. Kyle Hill, n.d. Web. 4 Dec. 2013. 
No, this man is not on fire or being electrocuted. the radiation emitting from the Elephant's Foot is damaging the camera film and producing these ember coloured distortions in the photo. As you can see in the photo, the man at the back of the room is wearing a hardhat and a protective suit, but no visible face protection, which comes to show that the photographers were unaware of the dangers of the Elephant's Foot and the levels of radiation there in general, meaning the photographers unknowingly received heaps upon heaps of radiation for small scientific credit
"Image 56." Swallower of Lives. Mark, n.d. Web. 3 May 2013. 
"The World's Most Dangerous Road" (Commonly known as "Death Road") in La Paz, Mexico served as a major route for cars and trucks to pass over the mountains of La Paz up until 2007 when they constructed a much safer route for automobiles. Now, "Death Road" is mainly used by cyclists and tour buses. Since 2007 there have been a recorded 24 deaths from cyclists alone, Still, today, tour guides are hosting cyclist runs through this treacherous road. In this photo, you can see 2 people hanging over the side of the cliff, sort of as if they are taunting death. As if the road wasn't dangerous enough, the people in the image proceed to go all out and snap this picture, probably as a way to get the reader/viewer more interested in the content.

In conclusion, although these images are cool and breath-taking to see, people's quality standards sometimes reach frightening high levels to where they put their lives at risk.

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A Deeper View and Meaning on Love

This image represents a kind of love that is undying yet eternal, between a man and his significant other, the woman. This is proven by the attitude of the subjects and contrast. As seen, the male is the sun and the female is the moon. Both look calm and even-tempered. The sun needs the moon just as much as the moon needs the sun, they do not need Mars or Mercury to attain the peace of mind they have found with each other. They accompany one another daily, this image also gives off the idea of having each others back. A true relationship can conquer any type of high or low, in this case, since they are the sun and moon, they are apart physically but together emotionally, no type of distance can break their bond. People search for their better half for some or most of their lives, and when they find that person, it is like all the puzzle pieces fit with no struggle, just as their relationship has formed so flawlessly. The term “love is in the air” blends perfectly with this image, they surround the world with the trust and love that they found from each other. This image shows how love can be shared not only through people, but through animals as well. This is shown through the attitude of the subjects and the relationship between the subjects. When looking at this image, the idea of suffering comes through. They both look like they have been through one too many exhausting days by the wrinkles on their skin and the way the male lion leans onto the female, he leans on her like he has had enough of the pain and is looking for her support and sympathetic love to get him back up on his feet. Their facial expressions look drained of strength, like some sort of low has been occurring in their lives. It seems as if they are in a battle for something, but without each other it would be nearly impossible to do. They rely on one another to keep them sane enough to be able to get through this misery. Just like image 1, they have each others back through thick and thin, nothing can interfere with the powerful bond they have formed with one another.

An eternal love is the perfect expression for this photo. As seen, these two people have died in each others arms, holding each others face and their legs are intertwined. These people knew that their time was coming, they did not want to be with anyone else when the time did come. The love these people have grown became the only thing they had, not another shell of a human is near. They wanted their last few breaths on this planet to be with one another. Just imagining what a world would be like where you only had one person to be with during your death would be difficult, but perfect at the same time. Having that one person you love so much be with you at a time like this shows that they care for you just as equally as you do. You can’t change who you die with and this person knew that they had chosen the right one, their final decision involved one another to be present. The attitude of the subjects show that this was planned, this is what they wanted, to be together during their last few minutes of life. This is an embrace that never dies and their love will be continued on for thousands of more years.

Marriage, the promise to love one another forever and the commitment to keep each other sane. The attitude of the groom shows how much he loves his bride to be. His facial expressions look surprised, just like he’s thinking “wow, this is who I am marrying and staying with for the rest of my life”. His happiness shows in both images clearly, he couldn’t of asked for more of a perfect person to be marrying. Tears of joy are spread throughout this day worldwide for everyone who marries. The true colours of a groom are shown when he first lays his eyes on his bride, they are looking at his future and in this image, he loves every part of it. The way the bride shrugs her shoulders shows how she is just as happy as her groom. Just as the image with the lions, the male looks at his other as someone that can be trusted with their life. There is only one person that is not apart of your family that is capable of gaining that kind of faith, it is the person you truly love with everything you have and you know that they do too. Being married proves to yourself, your partner and your peers that this is the person who you can rely on with your most delicate belongings and jaw-dropping secrets.

First Image: Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationship are not the same thing like many people
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Overpopulation, the largest threat to human existence

Overpopulation is the most serious threat to human existence . It should be viewed as a serious problem as it; diminishes our supply of natural and needed resources, has consequences that reduce our chances of maintaining a sustainable earth, and is further harshened by various human activity .

World news The Guardian. "Baby boom." becuo. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2015.

In this image, what stands out  is the hospital bed to person ratio. It displays that

overpopulation is the main concern for human survival today. An idea that is present

for this picture is that there are too many people with far too little medical supplies to help them .  

The overall message of the picture is that due to overpopulation, there are insufficient medical 

supplies to support people in need . The attitude of the picture’s subjects displays the

negative connotation, many of them have frowning or upset faces, faces that are in need . The

lighting of the photo demonstrates the darker idea, with light dimming closer to the foreground .

Another textual element would be the subjects themselves, many of them are asian, which is

one of the most populated areas in the world and given the situation in which they are in, shows the

problems of overpopulation. This proves that overpopulation is the largest threat to the human

population as it’s consequences will affect necessities like medical supplies .

"CREED OF GREED." sheepwaker. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2015.

  This Image continues to broaden the idea of the seriousness in the problem of

overpopulation.The image’s consists of a wealthier man wearing a suit eating the world while a

poor, lightly dressed man is left crumbs . The wealthier man is appears unsatisfied even though

he is eating most of the world, this is clear by his facial expression , and various fork marks

within the illustration of the earth . The poor man seems unsatisfied aswell with his thin body and

potted stomach, yet he is eating only crumb’s of the world . This creates the idea that our own

human nature helps fuel the drastic consequences of overpopulation with things like greed .

There already aren’t enough resources and wealthy people choose not to share, further digging a

hole of overpopulation that is difficult to fill . Therefore, this image displays how our own human

nature makes overpopulation the most serious problem for our society today.   

         ALAMY. "Traffic fumes linked to autism." telograph. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Jan.
The use of natural gases is needed to give people the luxury’s that almost every human uses today, the first luxury that comes to mind would be cars . The image above shows multiple cars stuck in a traffic jam with large amounts of smoke spewing from their exhausts . The foreground is especially filled with smoke, as the photographer purposely wanted to put an emphasis on how much smoke cars emit . The Image then tunnels through cars into the background to show the amount of cars that are in the traffic, each spewing out smoke . As most are aware, green-house gases are a root cause for climate change, slowly destroying the earth that somehow sustains us all . The more people on earth, the more cars there will be, and the more gases that will destroy the earth we live on, further causing natural disasters like like hurricanes. The impact of said smoke displays the seriousness of overpopulation as more people will be driving, and more people will be destroying the earth we live on .
"Overpopulation." paulchefurka. Paul Chefurka, 23 Sept. 2008. Web. 13 Jan. 2015.
The final image is of the earth itself . The image creates the idea that there are too many people living on earth to be properly managed, making the earth slowly deteriorate .The image finds the earth carrying the heavy weight of all of it’s citizens, thus making the earth weaker .  The image is a negative connotation based on the disappointed expression the earth’s face, and blue colour . The stress that the earth is in is clear with it’s bent knees and flexed arms . The attitude of the subjects on the earth are similar to that of people on actual earth, happy as they ignore the distress that they put earth through  . The amount of people on the earth itself and the attitude of the earth displays the overpopulation and the difficulties it creates for us and the earth .

                       Overpopulation is a problem that impacts our natural resources, gets more powerful through our human nature, and destroys our earth . Overpopulation will be a root factor in any environmental, economical, and agricultural pitfalls that we may encounter in the near or distant future .

Why society's current perception of normal is dangerous

In our society we like to split things into normal and abnormal. While this is usually harmless or needed, for example murder is abnormal for a reason, it can at times be harmful. This is when the thing that is “ abnormal” is harmless and does not affect anyone and yet it is scrutinized, ridiculed, and sometimes gets people killed. Some examples of dangerous society norms would be sexuality, gender, and body modifications.

Although society is beginning to change people still often scrutinize someone with tattoos or other body modifications. People will still stop and stare in disgust or judgementally when they see someone with tattoos and such. This is an example of something “abnormal” that honestly affects no one but the person who has done it to their own body yet people still feel it necessary to “help” these people by going on about how they shouldn't of done this. Popular beliefs are that they do this for attention and that no one will ever hire them.


This is a picture of Rick Genest also known as “zombie boy”. He is a Canadian model and actor though he is mostly know for tattooing 80% of his body like a living skeleton. In the picture above the focus is on Genest and his tattoos as well as the words themselves. Genest is show from two different angles, obviously to show off the tattoos on his body. As for Genest himself he is comfortable and confident. His body is neither stiff nor folding in on itself. He is displaying himself and his tattoos proudly and he is obviously not ashamed of them. You can tell that he is content with his choice to tattoo his body. As for the words themselves they read “I didn’t do this to be different. I did this, because i wanted to be me”. This is a direct quote from Genest. Many people get tattoos and body modifications because it makes them feel comfortable; they often use this as a way of self expression. I believe the body is a blank canvas and that you can choose what to do with. However people often ostracise and isolate these people because that is not something they themselves would do to their own body. People often deem someone with tattoos as unprofessional and unable to do a job because people think that they are impulsive and unable to think ahead. This can be true but it’s incorrect to think it always is. Again use Rick Genest as an example: he is a professional model. Modeling is a serious career and you can’t be unprofessional or rash and be able to make it in such a career. Yet people still judge someone based on their looks before seeing if they are competent and it stops people from being able to make a living. This is why this perception can be dangerous and harmful to many people.

Just as people feel it necessary to give negative remarks on another persons tattoos people also feel it necessary to comment on another person's gender. Now i don’t mean sexism though that is a problem: in this instance i am referring to someone disregarding another person's gender identity. Now you may be familiar with transexual people but if not i will clarify a transexual person is a person who feels they were born in the wrong body. Essentially their physical sex doesn't match up with who they feel in their heart they are. Now I’m sure some of you are thinking “no your genitals tell you what gender you are” and that is where the problem lies.

In the above picture we see a child whose wings are being clipped off by their father as their mother watches. The child is obviously upset and it seems as if the child will begin to cry as for the father he is focused and angry. You can tell by his furrowed brows and the slight downward curve of his mouth. While the mother she is standing back. She is sad and likely feels bad for her child but she will not step in. The words say “refuse to be your child's first bully”. Wings often symbolise freedom and the child in the photo is having their wings removed. The parents are removing the child's wings and taking a part of themself from the child. Likely you feel an impact from this picture however the true impact is shown with the colours in the wings. The wings are coloured to represent the transexual pride flag. The child in this photo is transexual and is having this part of themself taken because of their parents. That in itself is a form of abuse and bullying as they are denying an important part of the child. This is where that not respecting someone's gender identity part comes in. The child's parents do not respect their child's gender identity and instead feel it necessary to destroy a part of their child than to accept them. Many people feel that transexuals are just being rebellious or want to stand out. People believe there is no such thing as transexuality and feel it is a new “fad”. However evidince of transexual people can date back as far as ancient Greece.


The picture above was illustrated by a young transexual boy showing his experience. The character in the comic is being assaulted by female pronouns. They are suffocating him and crushing him under their weight and despite how much he runs or hides they are still there. In the fifth panel he attempts to correct them. He is tentative and frightened however in the final panel the words return full force and are surrounding him. They are taking up the entire panel and suffocating him until there is no space left for him. These words take up the entire panel to the point where he is no longer the focus and no longer important. Not only that but the large “she” has two exclamation points as the person saying this is forcibly attempting to tell the character he is a girl. The progression of the previous panel with him correcting them to the last shows that he feels no matter how hard he fights back he will always be surrounded by people who say he is a girl. This perception that society has of your genitalia determining your gender is not only incorrect but dangerous. It is dangerous for these individuals as they suffer the onslaught of people saying they are wrong, disrespecting them, calling them disgusting, vile. Many trans youths do not see a way out and 41% of transgender youth in the US alone have attempted suicide. Not only that but due to many peoples violent reactions transgender people have even been assaulted in the doctor's office. Many trans men are raped and many trans women are violently killed. 1 in 12 transgender people in the US are murdered due to the societal belief that they are less than human. Worthless. Many transexual people lose friends and family and 18% are homeless. An example: recently this year the salvation army refused to let a transexual teen stay at one of their shelters simply because they were transexual and because of that the teen froze to death. That is why this belief is so dangerous. Just like with tattoos even if you do not agree; a person's decision is their own and you have no right to impose on them; much less to end their life.    

The perception regarding transsexual people is that everyone is born cisgendered. Cisgendered is a term created to refer to a person to whom identifies as the sex they were born with. This perception is also often coupled with the perception that everyone is born straight. These perceptions are the entire reason people even need to “come out of the closet” as the saying goes. Much like with transexual people people will say that being any sexuality other than straight is disgusting and unnatural.


The above image shows a pink piece of fabric cut into the shape of a triangle with the words “some memories never fade”. If you look closely at the triangle you will see the outline of a swastika. The swastika as we all know is a symbol from the holocaust. Something i’m sure quite a few of you know is that the pink triangle was placed onto gay people hitler rounded up and placed into concentration camps. A bit of information conveniently left out is that in many cases when the camps were freed the gay people in them were forced to go to jail as at the time being gay was illegal. So not only did they endure years of the torture we have all heard about but once they were “freed” they were placed in jail to suffer more. The triangle appears to be attached to something or someone but it is unclear as to who. Rather it floats in black space continuously attached to something as if it is always attached to those in the gay community; those prejudices and that hatred always with them. People will ask me and others why we care so much; why we fight so hard. The answer is the above triangle that represents so many peoples past and present suffering. The gay community has reclaimed the pink triangle since then; made it a symbol of pride but the prejudice is still there. This triangle is proof of how dangerous these perceptions are because this triangle represents the torture and death of hundreds from then and now.

To conclude while I’ll agree that sometimes we need to dictate what is normal and what is not I don’t believe people who are not harming anyone deserve to be harmed themselves. I do not believe in isolating these people and I do not believe they deserve the mental, physical, verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse they face.