Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Does Anyone Really Win? The Aftermath of War.

      Since the beginning of time, war has been present in all civilizations. There are many different reasons for war like; food, land, power, money, and since the 20th century, oil. The results of these wars have been catastrophic to say the least. Many soldiers and civilians from both sides have been caught in the cross fire. The 9/11 attack started a chain of events that still cripple this nation and the world today.

Bombs fell into the industrial 
neighborhood of Al-Zafaraiya 
in southern Baghdad, caused by U.S forces. The war in Iraq went on for an unnecessary amount of time and costed an unnecessary amount of money and resources. In this image you can see the locals of Baghdad carrying out a victim of the bombing. The war was getting out of hand when civilians were being killed because they were either in the way or they were potential threats. Also, many soldiers were killed in the line of duty. This war was only the start of what will become multiple terrorist attacks around the globe that will cost the lives of many innocent people that had no part in the events of the wars.

Scenes from the OneRun

      This is a photo taken at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. Mostly everyone will remember this cause of the terrorist bombing that occurred at the finish line costing the lives of a few people and the injury of many more (In the hundreds). Two terrorists whom had some ties to middle eastern terror organizations set off the attack with 2 pressure cooker bombs. After a 4 day manhunt one suspect was shot and killed while the other was captured in Watertown, Massachusetts. The United States was under attack because of the war against terror. It traumatized everyone that a person would hurt so many innocent people.

This screen grab taken on 25 September 2013 from a video distributed through an intermediary to local reporters and seen by AFP, shows a man claiming to be the leader of Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau, flanked by armed men.
      Last year the world found out who Boko Haram was. This terrorist group was responsible for kidnapping hundreds of school girls because of the fact they were girls and they were in school, The terror organization is a group with Islamic beliefs. It took months before the United States and Canada decided to go into the country officially. There was word of Special Forces in the country within the first week of the kidnapping but that was never confirmed. The girls were eventually either sold or killed by the terrorist group. Many people have lost their lives to this terrorist group and no one has done anything about it. Our country as well as the U.S but still hardly anything has been done.

      This photo was taken in Paris during the terrorist attack a short while ago. The attack on the newspaper cost the lives of 12 people and 11 others were injures. The suspect have known ties to Al-Qaeda. The two suspects split up after the attack and 2 days later, both at different locations, took hostages. French special forces raided both locations and deescalated the situation. some of the hostages lost their lives because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, Because of the war on terror and the back and forth fighting, the Terrorists are starting to fight back hard all around the world and the fighting is just escalating to a point where so many people forget why they're fighting. So many people died of the past decade to the point where people realize that no one will win, many more will just die and the war will always go on.


  1. I think your essay was very interesting and in touch with the current issues that are going on around us, about terrorism especially.

  2. I agree with Lora this essay is very informative about current events, and it gives me an idea of how serious the wars on terrorism are.

  3. Connor, you have selected powerful and relevant images. I especially like how you are clearly on top of recent events, as you incorporated the recent terrorist attack in Paris.

  4. I found it especially interesting that you chose photos that involved terrorist attacks caused by Americans. We usually perceive Western cultures to be innocent at all times.

  5. Wow! i really enjoyed your ISU it was very enlightening to read. Great images to it really went well with everything you were saying.