Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Christian Stereotypes

Christian Stereotypes

Christians are often viewed as hateful, judgemental people because either others that are not Christian simply do not understand Christianity or decide to label Christians as something that they aren't .

That Christians are Homophobic

Looking at this image right away I notice the big bold words and then small words following after. This image is clearly someone speaking out against the stereotype that gays (lesbians etc.) are hated by Christians which is most definitely false. 
Christians do not accept the homosexual lifestyle but that doesn't mean we hate homosexuals. There are some 'Christians' that display hateful, and judgemental behaviour; but that doesn't mean that all Christians are like that. I feel that the overall message of this image is that just because Christians are not supporters of homosexuality, does not mean that homosexuals are hated by the Christian community.

That Christians are Anti-Science

When I look at this picture I notice that each side is very different. Two different groups of people, and to different beliefs.This image shows the desperation of the two conflicting groups struggling to have the upper hand. which in some cases is true. But really; Christians do believe in science. Maybe not the creation of the world, or evolution but Christians do believe in science. There are Christian Biologists, Chemists, Doctors, and even more things that have A LOT to do with science. I think the main idea of this image is that Christians hate science which is completely untrue.


   Many People Think That Christians are restricted by their religion and cant have fun which is very wrong. The very fact that someone made this image shows me that this is a common stereotype that Christians are labelled as . Everyone has their own opinion of what fun is, some people think reading is fun or doing sports. What one person considers boring someone else can think it is the most fun thing in the world. The overall message really sticks out to me when I look at this image. The overall message is that Christians are just like everyone else, only difference is that they have different beliefs.


  1. It is NOT fair for people to either “agree” or “disagree” with homosexuality. Sexual orientation is NOT a choice, or a “lifestyle” as you put it. It is not right to “disagree” with something that a person has no control over! LGBT people are born the way they are. Disagreeing with homosexuality is just like disagreeing with black people because of the colour of their skin.

    I see from the photo that christians don't support homosexual marriage. Well yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as long as it remains just that -- an opinion. Once people cross that line and start advocating the blockage or removal of rights your “disagreement” becomes discrimination. And THAT is WRONG.

    1. Actually being "born gay" is only a theory yet to be proven. A person cannot be born gay it is a lifestyle choice taken on by an individual. There is NO homosexual gene, a person is born not really into anything they decided that themselves later on in life. And the reference to black people makes no sense whatsoever. A persons skin color is something they WERE born with, something they can't change, and also something inherited. There is a gene for BLACK SKIN not Homosexuality.

      Christians are not the only group of people that disagree or speak out against it which I do find unnecessary and sometimes even hurtful. But if someone thinks something is wrong they have the right to speak about it, not in a way that its putting someone down though. Many gays have bad opinions about Christians and they say them publicly and even slander us for or beliefs. Is that right? Even the famous song "take me to church" is labeling Christians as persecutors based on their OPINION on Christianity and their lack of knowledge. IS THAT RIGHT!

      Homosexuals say that they don't want to be judged and that's understandable no one wants that, but then they turn around and do exactly what they don't want to be done to them. And THAT is WRONG.

  2. Naomi, you have put forth a solid thesis about Christian stereotypes. You needed to make clearer use of the images' textual elements to support your interpretation.