Monday, 19 January 2015

Addiction to electronics

Image 1
"Cell Phone Addiction." Mirolta. Minesh Rai, 8 July 2013. Web. 25 Nov. 2014.
    cell-phone-addicted-teen.jpg>. This picture provides my blog with the
    realization that the more technology progresses the more we depend on it
    and the more kids younger and younger are only being taught from
    electronics. It shows we rely on technology to grow and succeed.

There are two types of electronics in this image; people can’t just have one electronic item which is very true in this time and age. Say if you were to get a desktop computer and at that time it was the best thing out there, but then a couple months later they came out with a laptop that is 10x faster than your desktop. You would go and buy it only for the reasons it’s faster, everyone will have it, and you believe it’s better because it’s the newest thing. Well now you have a desktop and a laptop;  why do you really need two electronics that do the same thing just in a different way? But now look at how the baby is holding the cell phone as if it is drinking from a bottle. This is showing that we rely on these objects as though we need them to survive in life, just like a baby needs food. We all technically “feed” off of this inanimate object as though it is a life source because we are unable to see that we should not have to rely on it as though it is the all powerful thing that controls what we do. .I believe the creator of this image was trying to get across that we rely on these thing way too often and we really don’t need them to get through the day. When would you ever really see a baby with a cell phone? It’s just not realistic. But at the same time it is because people now compared to people back when cellphones were first invented have so much more going on, on, their phone. Just think right now for a few minutes how many apps do you have on your phone? How long could you really go without it? Are the uses you use it for all necessary? How often would you say you pick it up in 30 minutes? The overall message this is getting across to people is that you should look at how reliant you are on one object that has taken over your life, and basically you need your cellphone and other electronics to survive in todays society. People would rather just sit their kids down in front of the tv or give them an ipad for a couple hours while the parents themselves have time to check their own phones and update their statuses to “OMG my kids are driving me insane” instead of taking them out for a walk to the park and play with friends. Also the light rays coming off of the cell phone make it like it is the almighty power that runs all life on this planet. If we did not have a cellphone or they were never invented we would be lost and mindless people just roaming the earth and not going anywhere in life.

Image 2
Parenting Jurnals. Parenting Journals, 2007. Web. 5 Dec. 2014.
    <>. People know that driving
    and texting is illegal and dangerous but yet they still do it because they
    have the feeling they need to answer right away

This woman is texting on her cellphone while she is in a moving vehicle and she is not even paying attention to where she’s going on the road; which isn't important at all but replying to her friend she’s probably going to see in like 15 minutes is. It’s basically saying your life and others lives are less important than replying to a text you could reply to in a little while. It’s illegal, dangerous, and a risk for you and everyone else driving on the same road and she still proceeds to answer the text message even though she knows it’s wrong. I believe the message that this picture is trying to get across is that people are so addicted to the phone that they can’t just wait until they are in a safe environment and respond to their text then; they just have the urge to answer right away and see what’s on their phone. The picture is taken from a behind view which makes the cellphone in her hands stand out also it makes the steering wheel stand out like it’s a huge message she is driving and texting at the same time. It’s not a safe act to do especially when you are in a moving vehicle you are not only putting yourself in danger but you are also putting other in danger as well. This picture connects with the first because they both show very close similarities. The first picture shows the baby not being able to live without the phone as if it is the life source for the baby, and this picture shows the woman being so addicted to her phone that she can’t just wait to text back after she is done driving. My image 2 supports the overall message because they are saying the same thing just in two different time periods in life. The baby needs it for survival and the woman needs it to ease her urge to answer the text back, she can’t leave it alone just like she is thriving off of it. People just can not live without their phone in their hand and it is sad that they are willing to put their lives in danger to answer a text message; people are too addicted to electronics.

Image 3
Cyberbullying.jpg Adam Hecht, 28 Oct. 20014. Web. 9 Dec. 2014.
    <>. A girl
    is being cyber bullied over text and the girls in the back are the bullies

The girl in the front of the picture is upset or hurt by something; she is holding her phone right in front of her like she just read something she did not want to. There are two girls that are fuzzy in the back and they are looking toward the girl in the front with their phone in their hands; they are smiling like they just did something they think is funny. The girl in the front has been messaged something from the girls in the background and it was something that was not nice and it’s made the girl upset: she is alone and the girls in the back are together and are smirking. Cell phones are not just used for finding the newest hip song or where the closest starbucks is: teenagers use their phones as a lifeline for their existence and it’s really sad how they thrive off of it in this generation. This girl is being bullied by these other two girls in the back; the girls are laughing like its a joke. The main message this is sending is that people don’t understand how often things like this occur in a normal teenagers life: the thing is these girls are not thinking about what they are really doing to this girl, they can be charged for what they are starting to do to her. Cell Phones create this fake world that a huge amount of people live in and they are cautious of what they are sending off it. The two girls in the back laughing at what they have sent to the girl by her self creates a very tense and uncomfortable feeling that is happening to this girl. I think the person who took this photo got his/her point across for the message because it is obvious it’s a bullying message and it is made very clear that she is in this position by the way the photo was taken and the theme of black and white, the two girls in the back laughing and overpowering the one girl in the front. She is very clear to the camera and the girls in the back are all blurred out. All three of these images all share one main similarity and that is how they show that electronics are bad and can hurt people and mess up life sometimes; believing it is our life source, texting while driving, and cyber bullying. A couple differences is that they come at this point from different angles, and they all convince this thesis is correct. I believe that this world would have been better off without electronics ever being invented and we never know what a life without them would be like but it could have been a lot healthier and safer without them. Electronics should not have been invented.

Image 4
Daily Mobile. Mas media, July 2011. Web. 6 Jan. 2015.
    85281-technology-addiction.html>. The bot is hypnotized by the
    electrons, like he is under a spell they have and they are singing and
    dancing around taunting him  

The boy sitting in the middle is all tied up and is being danced around by the electronics. His eyes look like they have hypnotize in a trance as if put under a spell by the electronics and can’t get out of it. As well as all the electronics have a sort of evil look on their face like they plan to suck humans into a world controlled by them. I believe the idea of this image is to show that people sometime don’t even rule themselves any more that the electronics they own rule their life for them. We can’t control that the electronics are getting out of hand in this society. It shows this by the guys eyes in the photo and how he looks to be hypnotised; the electronics have evil looks on their faces. The overall message to this picture is that electronics can be so addicting it takes over our lives and we don’t even realize it: just look around the room right now, how many electronics do you see. We don’t need these things in life; you will say no we do and I know you will but you have never lived a life without them so how would know if life would have been better? You don’t. All these electronics have surrounded this guy tied him up and are either playing music/singing around him while they have him tied up. This just shows us that they are becoming over taking with our lives. All four of these images show that people basically strive for their phones; some in different ways. They also show how people have become so addicted to this fake world almost that they don’t care about their safety or other peoples hurting. Electronics are becoming overwhelmingly addicting to some people that sometime we don’t realise there is more to life than being updated with the latest status on facebook or posting a picture on instagram to get a bunch of likes. Electronics should not have been invented, people use them for the wrong reasons and get away with sometime so they will do it again.


  1. I completely agree with this post, electronics have become so much apart of our lives, I can't even begin to imagine life without them! They really have become a gateway to substitute everyday activities.

  2. I agree with your point that we are becoming too dependant on electronics to the point that we look to them as a source of survival. I also think that your fourth image is a perfect way to show that electronics are addictive and are slowly taking control or our lives. I disagree with your point that electronics should not have been invented because electronics can be used in a positive way, but I do agree that people use electronics for the wrong reasons.

  3. You bring up an interesting point about the "fake world" becoming more important than the real world and overall you have a brilliant article on addiction to electronics but, I think the third image needs clarification. There are several run on sentences and unclear phrasing that make it hard to extract the message of the third analysis. Overall the images you chose represented your topic quite well and help your thesis on a very debatable topic.

  4. I don't think electronics are innately bad, but rather, it is how people use them. (Brittany discusses this idea in relation to science in her blog post.) There are times where cell phones, etc. need to be put away, but there are times where electronics make life easier and/or more fun. Electronics are also a great way to forge connections with others, as well as learn. For example, my husband and one of his childhood friends (who lives out of town) are able to keep in touch via video games. Furthermore, some of the knowledge my daughters have learned comes from YouTube, Netflix, and other electronic devices.