Monday, 12 January 2015

Violence in sports

Growing up as a young kid I have loved watching and playing sports. As I get older I start to realize the serious danger that comes with playing sports that involve violence. The constant risks that athletes put others as well as themselves in makes me believe that these sports should not be around. That's why I have come to realize that violent sports are penalizing others due to the damages caused by the opponents as well as the sport. The damages can be present in cognitive and physical damage. 

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One type of damage caused by Violent sports is cognitive damage. Cognitive is mainly caused by injuries involving your head including concussions and many traumatic brain injuries. The athletes who are highly more likely to experience cognitive damage are boxers. Boxers are constantly being punched to the head causing brain trauma. In the long run this damage affects your learning ability including reading and writing. In this image of professional boxer Floyd Mayweather it shows him reading a Dr. Sues book. The image shows him struggling to read due to him sweating and his facial movement and expression. The fact that the book he is struggling to read is a repetitive children's book really shows the cognitive damage he is faced with shown by his amount of sweat and the facial expression of him stuck on a word.

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In addition to boxing, football athletes also are at high risk of receiving cognitive damage. In a football game every play has multiple collisions happening. Some are hits to the head and some are just getting knocked down but in every type of hit you are exposed to risk of cognitive damage. This damage is either received in the form of a concussion or permanent brain trauma. In this image it shows college football players colliding with one and other. The guy in the white is being hit with such force that his helmet has came off and he is now going to land and hit his head. The facial expression he shows show him in pain due to the grunt look on his face and his readiness to hit the ground. Although this is one hit, every football player experiences these type of hits regularly and with each hit comes more change of cognitive damage which will further result in the permanent brain damage. The mans face shows the damage being done with him being unconscious due to being hit so hard to the head.
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Another damage that violent sports cause is physical damage. The cause of physical damage is the aloud violence in sports like hockey. Every time a player is on the ice they will experience receiving a hit and giving one. The reason why violence in hockey is so dangerous is because some players don’t know how to hit properly and put their opponent as well as themselves in danger. There many different ways that you can be injured in hockey. You could be hit in open ice and fall and break your arm or leg, you could also be hit into the boards and break several other bones. But by far the most dangerous hit is being hit from behind head first into the boards. If you are hit hard enough the consequences can range from a broken neck to a broken spin and therefore being paralyzed but even worse in some cases the hit will result in death. I have experienced being hit from behind and i was very lucky to not have been injured at all where in most cases people due end up having some sort of injury. In this image it shows Jonathan Toews from team Canada being hit head first into the boards. The facial expression on the player in the whites jerseys face shows the concern and shock he is now thinking that he might have seriously hurt the other player. This image clearly shows that the violence in sports are penalizing others.

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Another sport that includes a lot of violence is Lacrosse. Lacrosse is very similar to hockey in the way that you can potentially be hit from behind into the boards and suffer the same type of injuries. Although that hit is very dangerous there is a lot more common hit that happens hundreds of times in a game. The hit involves players being constantly hit with the opponent's stick. The hit can cause minimal injuries like bruises but can also cause severely broken bones. The variation all depends on the force you are hit with and where it hits you. Lacrosse is a sport that also includes a lot of slashing which can also cause a lot of pain to opponents. In this image professional lacrosse players are attempting to hit their opponent. The facial expressions all three players show express the force they are putting into the hit as you can tell by the player on the lefts mouth and how it looks like he is screaming. The player in the middle is expressing a tense look due to him being hit really hard by both players. Again this image shows the violence in sports penalizing others.

In conclusion violence in sports like Boxing, Football, Hockey and Lacrosse are very dangerous and shouldn't be aloud. This is shown by the images involving cognitive and physical damage.


  1. I wonder, do the rewards outweigh the risks? Is the promise of riches worth the possible cognitive and/or physical damage? What about simple enjoyment of playing the sport? Can some sports be made safer? For example, removing hitting from hockey?

  2. For professional athletes it is all about the rewards but for kids playing the sports it should be made safer for the good of there future

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  4. I agree. Violence in sports can cause significant damage to the body (Possibly permanent). But for some people I know, violence is the only aspect in sports that actually gets them interested in watching it. And if it were to be taken out, a lot of people would be devastated by the high degree of change in the sport's tradition.