Monday, 12 January 2015

It Would Be Better With Music: The Effects of Music Influencing Behaviour

I doubt many people would disagree with the claim that music is important in their lives.  Music serves many different purposes for many people; whether it be that it helps you focus, it allows you to express yourself, it helps you achieve personal goals, or that you just love listening to it.  It is clear that music plays a big role in our society, and ultimately, in the world in which we live; however, it is very seldomly looked at as a tool of encouragement to fulfill many different tasks.

Figure 1
 Craigmyle, Jim. Teenage Girl Listening To Music While In The Library. Corbis Images. Corbis, 2002. Web. 11 Jan. 2015. < /teenage-girl-1315-listening-to-music-while>.
Many people listen to music while they study, when they are doing homework, or when they are working to gain focus.  The photograph (Figure 1) depicts a young girl listening to music while completing her homework.  Looking at her face, you can see she is very determined, and is concentrating, as she has a slightly furrowed brow.  This look of determination is a result of music.  During a recent study at a university, a student conducted a survey to show the reasons behind using music to help one study.  The results are shown in the graph below (Figure 2):

Figure 2

“Reasons to Study with Music.” Chart. Music and Studying Tips. Wordpress, 23 Apr. 2013. Web. 11 Jan. 2015. <>.

The graph indicates that of the people who participated in the survey, the most common reason for using music to study was to be able to focus more.  Not only does this picture (figure 1) show the girl is concentrating as a result of the music as shown by her facial expression, but this is also shown comparing the young girl's body language to that of the boy sitting next to her.  While the girl is listening to music and is very focused on her work, the boy sitting next to her seems to be daydreaming.  This is shown through his body language.  He has one hand on his face, is slouching, and his eyes are above his computer; rather than at his computer.  Since he is not looking at his computer, it shows he is not focused.  This photo makes it clear that in this case, music influences, and encourages the young girl's concentration to complete her homework.

Figure 3

WorldStars Fitness and Training Center. “What Is Drums Alive?” Blogger. Blogger, 10 Sept. 2012. Web. 11 Jan. 2015. <>.

In addition, music encourages people to incorporate fun into their lives for personal, and mutual benefit. This photo graph (Figure 3) shows an exercise class that incorporates music into their workout. The focuses of this image are the smiles on the ladies' faces, and their unison with each other. Their smiles justify that the ladies are having fun, as a result of the music. Working out to the beat of the music inspires them to be active, shown by the swaying, and encourages them to have fun while they are being active, which is seen as many of the women are smiling. Also, this photograph demonstrates that music encourages the ladies to participate as all the women are doing the same stance; drum sticks up in the air, legs apart, showing unison. The music also serves as a bonding for the women. This is shown as they are all in unison, and are all working towards the same goal; to be active, which reveals a connection between all the women. Ultimately, this photograph demonstrates that music encourages people to participate, and incorporate having fun in their lives for personal and mutual benefit.

Figure 4
music blog.jpg
Yoogle1. No Tips Just Smiles. Youtube. Youtube, 5 Jan. 2013. Web. 11 Jan. 2015. 
In the same way the women use music to gain personal and mutual benefits, so do the kids in this photograph (Figure 4).  This is a picture of youth street performers, who play songs for people on the streets; however, they don't play for money.  The focus of this image is the sign that reads, "no tips just smiles".  This sign demonstrates that music has encouraged these kids to do something that they love, to play music, while trying to make people they don't know happy.  Not many people perform this way today; without doing it for profit.  This sign also demonstrates that these kids are giving the entertainment of music to others, with no personal benefit to themselves, or to others, other than plain happiness.  In essence, the kid's passion for music has encouraged them to use their talent, solely to bring happiness to themselves, and others.

                                                   Figure 5

Manga, and Anime. Music Saves My Soul. 2010. Illustration.

Furthermore, music encourages people to express themselves.  There are many genres of music, for example; pop, rap, classical, etc.  Many people listen to different genres of music based on how they are feeling, which often allows them to express themselves.  Different genres also allow many people to personally connect with the music.  Genres allow people to assign how they are feeling, with a type of music, and use this as an escape to express themselves, and express their creativity. The illustration (Figure 5) depicts a girl who is very passionate about music, and claims, "music saves [her] soul". The focus of this image is the green headphones the character is wearing. Because the headphones are the only colored part of the the illustration, it demonstrates how meaningful music is to the artist as the color makes the headphones, a tool for listening to music, stand out. It also shows the new found hope for her emotional health that music has given to the artist as she describes that "music saves [her] soul". The artist's new healthy attitude is also represented by the shading around the edges of the illustration. The influence on the girl's emotional health, which is represented by the green headphones, is also shown by the white surrounding the girl's face. The edges of the image all have dark shading around them; however, the headphones act as a positive barrier from the girl's past emotional struggles, which are represented by the black corners of the image, which now seem to be deteriorating as a result of the music. Overall, this illustration demonstrates that music encouraged this artist to express herself through art, a very common outlet for personal opinion, and expression.

In conclusion, music plays a bigger role in our everyday lives than we may think. It often drives us to complete tasks; whether they be for ourselves, or for others. It allows us to express ourselves, and the experiences we go through, and helps us to connect with others.


  1. I totally agree, for me music is a way of expression, especially in dance. There have been times where I'll remember old dances just because certain lyrics in the song came on, and there's also old dance songs that are linked to all the good memories I had performing that piece, good job!!

    1. Thanks, Olivia. I completely agree. Often times when I am listening to music, I can't help but smile from all the memories that come back to me. Music is very powerful that way.

  2. Emily, you were able to make clear connections between your images, as well as connect them back to your thesis.
    Music is an integral part of many people's lives, but it also adds to the variety of experiences people have. For example, music brings to live movies, podcasts, sporting events, etc.

  3. I really enjoyed your last paragraph and the very well thought out connection between music and the girls happiness. The connection between the dark edges and how the headphones act as a barrier was very insightful and really makes a person think about the true and amazing affects of music in our lives and the power they can have on ones self.

  4. I completely agree with you, music can help us focus and encourage us to have fun. I personally believe that music can act as an escape from reality and/or a distraction; once a person puts in their headphones the outside world is shut out and the person can get lost in the music.

    1. I completely agree. I am always listening to music. In my opinion, the world without music would be quite a boring one.

  5. Lora, I'm glad you liked the connections I have made. I would have also liked to have talked about music being played in stores to influence a product being sold. I thinks this would be interesting and would have further proved my point as well.