Thursday, 15 January 2015

A Deeper View and Meaning on Love

This image represents a kind of love that is undying yet eternal, between a man and his significant other, the woman. This is proven by the attitude of the subjects and contrast. As seen, the male is the sun and the female is the moon. Both look calm and even-tempered. The sun needs the moon just as much as the moon needs the sun, they do not need Mars or Mercury to attain the peace of mind they have found with each other. They accompany one another daily, this image also gives off the idea of having each others back. A true relationship can conquer any type of high or low, in this case, since they are the sun and moon, they are apart physically but together emotionally, no type of distance can break their bond. People search for their better half for some or most of their lives, and when they find that person, it is like all the puzzle pieces fit with no struggle, just as their relationship has formed so flawlessly. The term “love is in the air” blends perfectly with this image, they surround the world with the trust and love that they found from each other. This image shows how love can be shared not only through people, but through animals as well. This is shown through the attitude of the subjects and the relationship between the subjects. When looking at this image, the idea of suffering comes through. They both look like they have been through one too many exhausting days by the wrinkles on their skin and the way the male lion leans onto the female, he leans on her like he has had enough of the pain and is looking for her support and sympathetic love to get him back up on his feet. Their facial expressions look drained of strength, like some sort of low has been occurring in their lives. It seems as if they are in a battle for something, but without each other it would be nearly impossible to do. They rely on one another to keep them sane enough to be able to get through this misery. Just like image 1, they have each others back through thick and thin, nothing can interfere with the powerful bond they have formed with one another.

An eternal love is the perfect expression for this photo. As seen, these two people have died in each others arms, holding each others face and their legs are intertwined. These people knew that their time was coming, they did not want to be with anyone else when the time did come. The love these people have grown became the only thing they had, not another shell of a human is near. They wanted their last few breaths on this planet to be with one another. Just imagining what a world would be like where you only had one person to be with during your death would be difficult, but perfect at the same time. Having that one person you love so much be with you at a time like this shows that they care for you just as equally as you do. You can’t change who you die with and this person knew that they had chosen the right one, their final decision involved one another to be present. The attitude of the subjects show that this was planned, this is what they wanted, to be together during their last few minutes of life. This is an embrace that never dies and their love will be continued on for thousands of more years.

Marriage, the promise to love one another forever and the commitment to keep each other sane. The attitude of the groom shows how much he loves his bride to be. His facial expressions look surprised, just like he’s thinking “wow, this is who I am marrying and staying with for the rest of my life”. His happiness shows in both images clearly, he couldn’t of asked for more of a perfect person to be marrying. Tears of joy are spread throughout this day worldwide for everyone who marries. The true colours of a groom are shown when he first lays his eyes on his bride, they are looking at his future and in this image, he loves every part of it. The way the bride shrugs her shoulders shows how she is just as happy as her groom. Just as the image with the lions, the male looks at his other as someone that can be trusted with their life. There is only one person that is not apart of your family that is capable of gaining that kind of faith, it is the person you truly love with everything you have and you know that they do too. Being married proves to yourself, your partner and your peers that this is the person who you can rely on with your most delicate belongings and jaw-dropping secrets.

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  1. Kim, you found some very powerful images to discuss. Your blog post needed to start with a clearer direction. How were you tying the images has to be more than love.

  2. You tied each image together very well, this topic is very intriguing and very motivational.

  3. I found this very interesting to read! I enjoyed the different variations of pictures and you covered lots of different sub-topics within your main idea: love! Good job Kim!

  4. Thank you Tori, I appreciate how you thought my topic was motivational along with intriguing. Thank you very much Chelsea! I'm glad you enjoyed my topic!

  5. I really enjoyed the picture with the lions, to me it looked like they had survived a great battle with nothing left but each other, due to the blank background. And that definitely adds to the raw expression of love.

  6. Thank you Olivia, that particular photo is my favourite one out of the four simply because you can see how much they have struggled by the way their body looks. It definitely gives you the idea of surviving a great battle, I agree with you completely.