Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Overpopulation, the largest threat to human existence

Overpopulation is the most serious threat to human existence . It should be viewed as a serious problem as it; diminishes our supply of natural and needed resources, has consequences that reduce our chances of maintaining a sustainable earth, and is further harshened by various human activity .

World news The Guardian. "Baby boom." becuo. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2015.

In this image, what stands out  is the hospital bed to person ratio. It displays that

overpopulation is the main concern for human survival today. An idea that is present

for this picture is that there are too many people with far too little medical supplies to help them .  

The overall message of the picture is that due to overpopulation, there are insufficient medical 

supplies to support people in need . The attitude of the picture’s subjects displays the

negative connotation, many of them have frowning or upset faces, faces that are in need . The

lighting of the photo demonstrates the darker idea, with light dimming closer to the foreground .

Another textual element would be the subjects themselves, many of them are asian, which is

one of the most populated areas in the world and given the situation in which they are in, shows the

problems of overpopulation. This proves that overpopulation is the largest threat to the human

population as it’s consequences will affect necessities like medical supplies .

"CREED OF GREED." sheepwaker. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2015.

  This Image continues to broaden the idea of the seriousness in the problem of

overpopulation.The image’s consists of a wealthier man wearing a suit eating the world while a

poor, lightly dressed man is left crumbs . The wealthier man is appears unsatisfied even though

he is eating most of the world, this is clear by his facial expression , and various fork marks

within the illustration of the earth . The poor man seems unsatisfied aswell with his thin body and

potted stomach, yet he is eating only crumb’s of the world . This creates the idea that our own

human nature helps fuel the drastic consequences of overpopulation with things like greed .

There already aren’t enough resources and wealthy people choose not to share, further digging a

hole of overpopulation that is difficult to fill . Therefore, this image displays how our own human

nature makes overpopulation the most serious problem for our society today.   

         ALAMY. "Traffic fumes linked to autism." telograph. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Jan.
The use of natural gases is needed to give people the luxury’s that almost every human uses today, the first luxury that comes to mind would be cars . The image above shows multiple cars stuck in a traffic jam with large amounts of smoke spewing from their exhausts . The foreground is especially filled with smoke, as the photographer purposely wanted to put an emphasis on how much smoke cars emit . The Image then tunnels through cars into the background to show the amount of cars that are in the traffic, each spewing out smoke . As most are aware, green-house gases are a root cause for climate change, slowly destroying the earth that somehow sustains us all . The more people on earth, the more cars there will be, and the more gases that will destroy the earth we live on, further causing natural disasters like like hurricanes. The impact of said smoke displays the seriousness of overpopulation as more people will be driving, and more people will be destroying the earth we live on .
"Overpopulation." paulchefurka. Paul Chefurka, 23 Sept. 2008. Web. 13 Jan. 2015.
The final image is of the earth itself . The image creates the idea that there are too many people living on earth to be properly managed, making the earth slowly deteriorate .The image finds the earth carrying the heavy weight of all of it’s citizens, thus making the earth weaker .  The image is a negative connotation based on the disappointed expression the earth’s face, and blue colour . The stress that the earth is in is clear with it’s bent knees and flexed arms . The attitude of the subjects on the earth are similar to that of people on actual earth, happy as they ignore the distress that they put earth through  . The amount of people on the earth itself and the attitude of the earth displays the overpopulation and the difficulties it creates for us and the earth .

                       Overpopulation is a problem that impacts our natural resources, gets more powerful through our human nature, and destroys our earth . Overpopulation will be a root factor in any environmental, economical, and agricultural pitfalls that we may encounter in the near or distant future .


  1. I agree with everything that you have said in your blog. I especially like the part when you talk about how greedy people and how they influence the world differently than people who have less than the average person. I feel like you could have added a part about agriculture though seeing as how you included it in a problem that is caused with overpopulation in your conclusion.

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  2. Cole brutha, I am glad you chose to talk about over population. Overpopulation is one over my greatest fears, I believe overpopulation is the number one cause in the extinction of man kind. Extremely overpopulated countries like India should have strict laws on how many offspring a couple should have to decrease the problem.

  3. I agree with this topic 100%. Over population is scary because of the lack of resources and other daily needs that will come with it. People all around the world do not see over population as a bad thing they see it as a good thing. Only because with more people more job slots will be filled, industries will be able to get bigger and better. The more people the more money. That is all that industry owners think about is the money; in reality you don't even need that much money to live an everyday life they are just greedy. We should be trying to fix this issue now so we do not have problems in the future.