Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Is The Rez Sisters really worth Studying?

I believe The Rez Sisters is worth reading because it gives us insight of how life is on first nations reserves. It show us the struggles they go through with sickness, death, housing, and other social problems. Each character brings something new to the play and offers a new side to the same story. The profanity in the play makes the characters problems more real and relatable because we’re teenagers and we tend to cuss when we are angry, and it strengthens the point the characters are trying to make. I believe the profanity in the play sets it apart from other plays where everything is bland with no real emotion or anger put into the arguments. And it teaches you about the problems First Nations have in other part of our own country, and its good to be informed on issues like that. So yeah, i believe the Rez Sisters is worth looking at and studying.

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  1. One of the main reasons I enjoyed reading The Rez Sisters in university was that it made me more aware of the issues facing First Nations people, women in particular, in Canada. The more I read the play, the more I grow to appreciate it. I love discovering new symbols and ideas, especially when students are the ones who find them and share them.