Friday, 14 November 2014

Studying The Rez Sisters

In my opinion The Rez Sisters, by Tomson Highway, is literature that is worth studying. The play deals with significant topics that relate to bigger themes that relate to living on a reserve. Although each character is going through their own issues, they all connect to a common issue and the characters work together to improve their lives. Highway develops various character personalities through the issues that they are facing, and the relationships they share. The variety in characters makes the play relatable to a wider audience. In addition, the play deals with mature themes such as drug abuse, poverty, sexual abuse etc. but they are presented in a way that captures the audience's attention and makes the characters more real and connectable. The play is set on a reserve and includes many issues that Native Americans may encounter when living on a reserve. This educates and readers that may not be aware of these issues and shows them from an insiders point of view. Also, Highway adds profanity in his play to emphasize theme and character relationships. The language used also helps to develop character and keeps the play unique which makes it an interesting read. Overall, The Rez Sisters is a play worth studying in school but is also literature that I would recommend as a personal read if you are looking for an interesting, spunky, and mature read.         


  1. What kind of bigger themes are presented by living on a Reservation? I like your point about educating the reader through character relationships.

  2. Totally agree with you, the profanity adds a more realistic side to the book.