Friday, 14 November 2014

The Rez Sisters, is it worth the read?

          I think that the rez sisters is worthy of study because everyone who has read it can find their own meaning of what the play is about.  People can also connect with the characters of the play based on how they interact with each other and on how they say what they are thinking.  The play also teaches about being able to fight with all of your friends and still be able to hold together as a family.  Even though the play doesn't have the most developed vocabulary, it helps to develop the setting of the play and the development of the characters.


  1. I like your point about the under developed vocabulary relating to the characters and the setting of the play. I hadn't viewed it that way before. I think that it also helps the reader interpret the play themselves and create their own opinions.

  2. while i agree with you i don't believe it needs an overly developed vocabulary. A story doesn't need large fancy words to convey a message. I would argue at times a large vocabulary is more distracting then anything else. Also these are normal people we're talking about and it's not often you'll hear someone talk as if they're writing an essay. It's just too impersonal to get the point across.

  3. What is the meaning you took from the play. Good observation about the vocabulary, maybe the word usage has meaning.