Sunday, 16 November 2014

Why the rez sisters is worthy of study

Why The Rez Sisters Is Worthy of Study

I personally believe that the play The Rez Sisters by Tomson Highway is worthy of study. In class we discussed what we believe makes a text worthy of study and we created a list of qualities. I believe that The Rez Sisters posses all of these qualities but i will only talk about some. One of the points we made was in order for a text to be worthy of study it must teach the reader something or educate someone on an issue. The Rez Sisters does in fact do this, it teaches readers about the lives of Aboriginal people. I think it is very important for people in Canada to learn about the lives of these people because the mistreatment of native people is something that is still present in our society and is often ignored. Swept under the carpet if you will. So i believe it is important for students to read a story about these people, and to follow their experience. In that way these people stop being a topic of conversation every now and then and instead become real in the readers mind. The same thing can be said about the fact that all of these characters are female. It's not often you get the female perspective so clearly in things. There is a test known as the bechdel test used in movies, though it could be used for all media. In order to pass this test the movie must have two female characters who speak to each other about anything other than a man. Simple right? Really a monkey could preform a task let alone accomplished writers. Yet only 57.3% of movies have all three requirements and in the this year alone only half of the movies have passed.

 So it is very good to read a book with such incredible and well written women. On that note one of the other requirements for a text to be worthy of study was that the text have well developed characters. This women are extremely well developed. They all have their own beliefs and dreams, all of them have a past of some sort and all of them are diverse and interesting. This women are written like real women. They are all so different and they all bring so much to the table. Therefore yes I believe The Rez Sisters is worthy of study.


  1. I agree with your point that it is important for people in Canada to learn about First Nations people. They have been here the longest out of any other group of people in Canada and most times I feel that their culture is overlooked due to the stereotypes built around them.

  2. I liked your image and how you pointed out that The Rez Sister is from a female perspective. It will be an interesting contrast when you start studying The Kite Runner, which is primarily from a male perspective.