Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Defining moment

My defining moment would be the first time I taught a karate class.The reason this is my defining moment is because I was debating quitting at the time and throwing away all the time I had invested in the art. Then came the day I was asked to come in and help instruct the class with the junior instructor at the time. It was a great experience being able to pass on the knowledge and experience that I had gained over the years and seeing the kids working to absorb it all, and watching their faces light up as they got to try the techniques they were shown. These kids were so excited to learn the things that I had taken for granted for so many years. Since then I have continued with karate and I am grading for black belt this fall, I have also continued teaching classes for the younger students get to see them improving week after week. Even though I know that not all of them will stick with it all the way to black belt, it is nice to know that I am touching their lives and making their experience with karate something that they will take with them. That is my defining moment.


  1. This is very cool. It sounds like keeping with karate has changed the person you are today. I think this is a very important lesson in life - never give up.

  2. Congratulations on making all the way to the black belt test! (Is "test" the right word?) It takes great dedication to make it so far, and I love that passing on your knowledge invigorated you to continue your study of the art. Please let me know the results of your black belt grading.