Sunday, 16 November 2014

Is The Rez Sisters Worthy of Study?... Why?

Is the Rez Sisters literature worthy of study?
Yes, I believe the Rez Sisters written by Tomson Highway is worth reading because it educates the reader on the culture and conditions that people on the reserve(s) live like. Also, the vocabulary helped to keep readers intrigued because it was funny, unique, and interesting- also showing the personalities of the characters. Continuing, the play constantly sparked conversations between readers, as well as class discussions because it was a text in which was uniquely written. Lastly, this play demonstrated an important message throughout it because it taught you that people on reserves aren't unmotivated people, and that they strive for more than what they have, crushing the stereotype most people believe, which is that Natives are unmotivated.

Rez Sisters Play.
Rez Sisters Book.


  1. yeah I agree with the stereotype point, especially the stereotype that native people don't work, it is shown in the play that they work for money to get to Toronto. as well the play keeps the reader entertained and makes them want to read more. Couldn't agree more with the points.

  2. I'm glad you feel that it educates readers on the culture and conditions of Native reserves. What kind of conversations did it "spark".

  3. I agree with you that this play helps to diminish the stereotype that First Nations are lazy, but do you think it also helped diminish other stereotypes as well?