Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Is The Rez Sisters worth the study?

     In short answer, yes . This play touches on the life of women on reserves in a way that brings light to an ongoing problem in an entertaining fashion . Often the play is criticized for its coarse language, although I believe Tomson Highway purposely did this as its needed for the character development, it brings the reader more into the play making it feel more real life, allowing the reader to put themselves in the women's shoes . The play contains many educational features too, allowing the reader to learn of the poverty in which many First Nations live in, doing so however, the reader or play watcher feels literally placed on that reserve . This is a phenomenal way to educate someone, the play makes the reader sympathy for the women, allowing for a deeper understanding of what they're going threw . The play is worth study, if the reader is mature enough to get passed the vulgar side of the story .

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