Wednesday, 19 November 2014

More than a sport: My Defining Moment

As a little kid I was always interested in football. It was the only sport I was interested in. I watched every game, I followed all the news and then I played Outlaws Football for a couple years. I played 3 years of Outlaws but I never really hit my defining moment until Grade 9 when I joined Bears Football. That Grade 9 season was a learning season for me where my coaches taught me every that I know. The next year in Grade 10, the team and myself hit our defining moment by winning the home opener game and making it to playoffs for the first time since the program has been back. I think this was truly defining because after years of losing we came together and won. From that moment forward even though we lost we kept getting better and stronger. I take football very seriously because to me, it’s not just a sport but a lifestyle, every day in the fall we’re out there for 2 hours practicing and working hard to be successful

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  1. Bravo! I'm so glad that you have found a passion. Quick question: will you be at school on Thursday or at home watching football for American Thanksgiving? :)