Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The adrenaline rush of skiing

The one moment in my life that defines me was on a very sunny march afternoon when i signed into the sandy boville invitational. at the time i was scared of hitting jumps over 40 feet but when i showed up on this march day, that all changed. i went up the chairlift for the first first time that day and saw the biggest jump i had ever seen. the air time must have been close to 3-4 seconds. almost 70 feet from end of the takeoff to the top of the landing. this jump changed the way i am today. the feeling of that jump made me want to keep hitting it over and over again. i was addicted to the adrenaline rush.  Now i will hit any jump i will be able to get enough speed for. I am able to learn bigger and harder tricks because i can hit bigger jumps. this changed the way i look at skiing forever, I no longer show up and say i don’t really want to hit the big jump. I show up and say lets get the session on the big jump started.  


  1. This is amazing! Sounds like this made you a better skier, and a more motivational skier as well. Have you hit any bigger jumps than this since then?

    1. yeah recently i have hit an 80 foot jump in whistler, it was amazing.

  2. Impressive, but frightening. How did your mom react when you realized this was your passion?

  3. Your essay was really good! its really cool that you hit some big jumps and tricks. Are you going to pursue it professionally?